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By the Flavor and the Art... I Am VORTHOS!


So I know what the next planeswalker for Innistrad is going to be. It’s a faerie. From Lorwyn. I even know which one. It all makes sense. Just read the ravings below, a note on how to read “ravings”: treat all card links as verbal/visual asides, as if a mad man is talking to you and occasionally snaps a card up into your face to support his point. Other, non-card links are provided to support the Vorthos of my ravings as well.

==============BEGIN INSPIRATION============================================

First a brief word on how this idea got started and what cards got my Vorthos all worked up.


Art: Nissa's Chosen being killed by Guul Draz Assassin and leaving a violet flower
Mechanic: destroy a non-black creature, you lose life due to low cost of spell
Flavor: named assassin pays debt to “your kind”?! by killing Nissa's Chosen, the flower is his calling card

Guul Draz Assassin :

Mechanic: kills things from outside combat by making negative stat modifications.

Nissa's Chosen:

Mechanic: attached in function to planeswalker Nissa Revane

Nissa Revane:

Planeswalker native to Zendikar known to have spent time on Lorwyn.

Peppersmoke+Violet Pall + Bitterblossom:

Mechanic: Lorwyn faeries give neg stats, kill non-black creatures and grant cost reduction in exchange for life loss, on the way they spawn more of themselves from purple flowers.
Flavor: combining all this with violet flowers is explicitly Lorwyn faerie territory.


Only sensible in combination if a faerie from Lorwyn came to Zendikar gunning to kill nissa, but Zendikar has no faerie creature types, planeswalker sparks over-write all creature types though, so who is the Lorwyn faerie planeswalker and how and why?!?!?!?


=====END INSPIRATION===========BEGIN EXPOSITION============================

Lorwyn, a land of eternal spring where at 'night' the light of the sky never dims more than would in a late evening on other planes. Here dwell no humans, rather the mystic creatures one might recall from ancient memory of the European land in the plane called Earth. Each plays a role in epic struggle and rise of a planeswalker whose enduring mission is to curb the spread of genocide across other planes.

Here, amidst the wandering rivers, rolling hills, and deep shadows of the ancient forests, life is not as idyllic as a visitor might presume upon viewing the landscape and the thriving populaces of each race. Here as elsewhere there are allegiances, such as that between the treefolk and the elves who accept one another’s diplomats. Ambassador Oak Perhaps this is to do with their shared occupancy of the forests, or perhaps their shared disdain for the faeries. Cloudcrown Oak For those familiar with the legends of other planes it might seem odd to learn that the treefolk of Lorwyn are allied with the elves of the woods, if only because these elves are not what would be expected by even a seasoned planeswalker... elves propagating dark magic for the purpose of committing genocide upon their world, a genocide that they revere in self worship and in which they consider it an act of art to engage. Elvish Promenade, Eyeblight's Ending, Hunt Down.

Once that information is understood, an observant traveler will note some inconsistencies: The villages race of kithkin seem to not consider the faeries to be troublesome, having an impact upon them Cloudcrown Oak less than that of a hawk. Which is odd considering that the kithkin people themselves have a comfortable relation with the treefolk Guardian of Cloverdell, despite treefolk allying with the elves who so despise the kithkin Eyeblight's Ending, Springjack Knight. Far from being genocidal in nature, the kithkin hold a mystic and nurturing link to their communities, Kithkin Healer so the dual nature of the treefolk's foreign policy implies hidden agendas and incomplete information. The individuals with these agendas and the story of how they shaped the rise of a planeswalker will reveal this information to a patient planar traveler.


While it is true that faeries are mischievous and quite a bit of damage can be caused around their activities Bitterblossom, Peppersmoke; as compared to what could be encountered in the natural course of events Faultgrinder, Mournwhelk such actions generally can be considered of little impact. In fact, often the mischief itself is of a benign nature Boggart Sprite-Chaser . The average populace member will have an experience with the fae no worse than their making a goblin more effective at being annoying. Quill-Slinger Boggart Flying aggravations are circumstance which we've already determined is readily avoided simply by applying a bit of thought to where one's home Cloudcrown Oak is placed. That being granted, faeries, as much as any race, are capable of defending themselves or, if need be, acting as an effective aggressor Violet Pall.

So why then this tacit approval on the part of the treefolk for the genocidal urges of the elves, at least as it applies to faeries? Treefolk are the longest living active members of Lorwyn society Bosk Banneret, perhaps there is one among them who could answer that question. Colfenor, the eldest of all the treefolk Rootgrapple, is assuredly capable of answering such a question. He, however, speaks cryptically Scapeshift of events that shouldn't even be possible in a land of eternal spring and in fact won't even reveal himself fully. [no legend card, Colfenor's Plans His intentions seem to be preservation of the treefolk people Colfenor's Urn in the case of some devastating event, and he certainly professes to be a few steps ahead of the rest of us Colfenor's Plans. Details of his plans have never been forthcoming. However, pestering him for information about the disdain shown by his people for the faeries has rewarded the most persistent with a revelation about faerie Dreamspoiler Witches activity at 'night'.

As Colfenor has said, he is privy to all secrets of a sylvan nature that have formed or been brought to this world.... Oona, queen of the fae is a flowering vine! Oona's Prowler, Oona, Queen of the Fae. What Colfenor knows is that Oona’s power comes from the dream-force of every other entity on the plane. Dreamspoiler Witches Colfenor also knows to what use this power is being put. What many planar travelers have never learned and nearly all inhabitant’s of Lorwyn remain ignorant of is that the eternal spring is not actual eternal… a planar traveler from eons ago would not even recognize Lorwyn if they were to hear it described. To that traveler the plane would be most familiar as a land of endless autumn, with clouded skies, cold winds and shadows within shadows. How this could be I learnt by having returned a full century after the great war, and speaking with the survivors of a more recent carnage.


Confirmation of what is to come.

It seems that the faerie are limited in their mobility. As a species they are crepuscular, definitively incapable [see also european folklore about twilight hours] of activity in the long hours of either night or day. ["crepuscular." Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. HarperCollins Publishers. 26 Sep. 2011 : 2. (of certain insects, birds, and other animals) active at twilight or just before dawn] Either group of planar traveler, those whose visits were eons prior to mine or those who were more recent, would avow that the Lorwyn faeries are active at all hours. This would not normally be possible excepting that Oona had harnessed the dream cycle of the world and used it to alter the activity cycle of the world. Eternal dawn would allow her children to be eternally active, have mobility on par with the other races of the world, be able to defend or attack at any time. Eternal twilight would serve the same purpose. And so she made it be.

With dreams she held full day at bay, delaying evening and night as a result. The weight of inevitability would occasionally overwhelm the entrenched dawn-scape in a vast aurora which would force a change in the status of the plane. But even this was accounted for in all of Oona’s scheming. The coming of so many daylights and daytimes at once was an avalanche of power which she rode and directed, having prepared channels of energy to direct this day-power in a manner that resulted in day passing the world by in a rush… and ending in twilight. There again, now in a plane ruled by a seemingly eternal twilight, her children could enjoy the same freedoms and activity as any other species. Again her aim was to maintain the status quo and prevent the full darkness of true night from arriving. Again she would suppress it and suppress it until the force of the dark would break free. Again she would channel that power in a rush of Aurora to stop only in a sustained dawn. Again, again and again Oona perverted that base cycle of the plane until the repression involved began to manifest itself in the fabric of the dawn-scape and the twilight-scape.


On either side of the power-rush of an Aurora the plane of which we speak is known by different names. The Lorwyn of which so much is known is the plane as manifested in the dawn-scape while in the twilight-scape it is known as Shadowmoor. In each instance it is the same plane; however, the inhabitants know nothing of the change and Shorecrasher Mimic they are a darker rendition of themselves. A fact which might bother them if they only knew about it… which a handful did. This handful of persons were maneuvered by Colfenor in a manner that resulted in them waging a war against Oona. Somehow Colfenor's Urn he spawned a self-aware sprout of himself Colfenor's Sapling which acted as his proxy in Shadowmoor. The Sapling did her [*yew trees are gendered*] job well, and manipulated the Vendilion Clique and Maralen both expertly. For details on this read the essays of [lorwyn, morningtide, shadowmoor, eventide] of the participants themselves.

In summary:

Oona had dispatched a clique of three faeries Vendilion Clique to watch over an elf named Maralen Maralen of the Mornsong whom Oona had planned to use in a ritual which would self-perpetuate Oona. How this was meant to work never is made clear as by all reports the sisters of the clique (veesa and ilion) eventually become generals of opposing armies and the faeries each fall to one another’s blade while their brother Endry stood in Oona’s palace beside Colfenor's Sapling and watched Oona die. No one knows why he stood aside, only that he was the sole faerie at Oona’s side and that he did not respond to her final plea. He returned to Cayr Ulios, the seat of the Wilt Leaf elves and site of the final clash of the warring armies. Upon arrival, he found his sisters' lifeless forms and those he took with him into the forest of the Wilt Leaf. There he buried his beloved sisters and cast himself into a deep sleep, intent on living within a recollection of better times when the three of them acted as one.

=====END EXPOSITION==========BEGIN SUPPOSITION============================

There the tale of the war itself ends, but the trauma of the aftermath is what brought me back. I had received a call of distress from some associates amongst the merfolk of the plane and when able, I headed that call. By the time I arrived, much of the recovery from the great war had already taken place, at least on a physical level. Mentally, however, all of the denizens were scarred. It seems that when Maralen toppled Oona, she became the new queen of the faeries… even taking her form and her name. Her purpose though was very different, to maintain the forgotten cycle of true day and night, without century long dawn and twilight, without Aurora’s and without the fractured identities it caused. What this caused was a turmoil of the psyche as dualized personalities had to coalesce and become one. Can you imagine having to become one complete person who is equal parts; kind hearted healer and ferryman, while also a cutthroat pirate and assassin? Sygg, River Cutthroat Sygg, River Guide – a nurturing mother and instructor while also a violent general of wrath and mayhem? Wort, Boggart Auntie, Wort, the Raidmother.

Ashenmoor Liege
Shadowmoor (Foil)

After aiding in the recovery of the menfolk’s schools and wizardry and learning all these strange aspects of the planes existence, which I’ve shared with you, I determined to seek the seat of power for each of Lorwyn’s other peoples and learn from them what I could about their unique malaise. The kithkin had turned wary and reclusive [card]Apothecary Initiate, [card]Kinscaer Harpoonist[card] , Endure to an extent that they turned me away. From there I traveled to elven fortress and city of Lys Alana in the Gilt Leaf woods, hoping to inquire after their mental adjustments to dualized individuality. The entire Gilt Leaf Consuming Bonfire was ashes, Lys Alana was naught but wreckage and the only survivors were flamekin Flamekin Bladewhirl elementals who basked in the glow of their own sated bloodlust Ashenmoor Cohort and regaled me with the tale of their victory over their ancestral foes Ashenmoor Liege.

It seems that Cayr Ulios, the sight of the great war’s final battle was the twilight-scape version of Lys Alana, which made them share the center Leaf Gilder of the Gilt Leaf forest. The faerie Endry had buried his sisters and slept beside them in the heartland of his racial foe and the seat Warren-scourge Elf of their genocidal urges at that. There he slumbered for a full three centuries, absorbing dream essence from the distraught psyches all about him, never waking and never returning home Distant Melody to feed his queen. Upon rising, he found himself to be the only faerie without a tether to the new maralen/oona queen, and he was full beyond imagining with essence of dreams. He saw his prior kin relegated to the edges of the day and night, he saw the ancient dominance of the elves in full effect and he felt rage of the kind that, in his experience, could be tempered Rage Forger only by one people, the flamekin.

The flamekin told me of how he came to them for the guidance Brighthearth Banneret they offered. As he learned from the flamekin of Brighthearth how to touch and fuel this pain and rage he had been filled with Rage Forger, they taught him also of how the elves predilection for slaughter continued to plague Lorwyn. They told him how goblins had grown too disorganized to resist, merfolk hid in the shelter of their streams, kithkin allowed nothing close enough to do them harm, while the giants were too massive for even the elves to move. The brunt of the elvish racism had fallen then upon the changeling Woodland Changeling race and that of the flamekin. Endry urged the flamekin to unite with the changelings Blades of Velis Vel under his leadership and cast the elves down; to crush them so utterly that none other of their race would ever again wreak genocide upon the plane. Endry led them to Velis Vel Shimmering Grotto where they allied with the changelings and he learned their magic Runed Stalactite of identity.

The uprising Rebellion of the Flamekin was sudden and merciless. The elves were stripped of their unifying racial supremacy Ego Erasure – o.m.g. the art even fits!] and fell easily to the shapeshifters and fire wielders Flamekin Spitfire who assaulted them. After the fall of the elves, Endry was gifted a token Rings of Brighthearth of mastery by the flamekin which would mark him as brighthearth trained and a flamekin ally. He allegedly spent several weeks collecting written works from the libraries of the elves, separating the woods-lore and mystic from the hate-filled and detestable. Then, just a few days ago, he erupted through the ceiling of a manor-house, frightening many of the flamekin who were populating the ravaged city. Those present say that he loosed a primal scream of such power that it spawned three greater-elementals; an embodiment of hate Hateflayer so virulent none could go near without being crushed by the weight of its wrath, an embodiment of hunger Doomgape so ravenous that the only thing that could consume it was itself, and an embodiment of sorrow Mournwhelk howling so eerily that it’s loss was tangible to all. None had dared venture near the heart of the devastated city to inquire after Endry and none was willing to aid me if I went.


None of them need have worried, the entire area was deserted, except for the elementals which were easily held at bay. The residue of magical energy from the event led me directly to a study on the top floor of the building in question. There I found a journal written in the hand of an elf, the dedication page identified the owner in a round-a-bout way. With the knowledge from my previous activities on the plane Moonglove Winnower Eyeblight's Ending Warren-Scourge Elf I deduced the owner to have been a Perfect with deep ties to the Gilt Leaf Winnowers. Specifics aside, another planeswalker had been in the Gilt Leaf many years before, under the name of ‘Revane’ she Nissa Revane had visited them and studied their mastery of death’s magic – confiding in them a yearning to see her kind, elven kind, reach a level of dominance on her home plane the equal or greater than that claimed by the elves inhabiting Lys Alana. There were some small details that she had revealed about herself… something about landscapes Raging Ravine, Evolving Wilds, Soaring Seacliff, Tectonic Edge which behaved much like the personified ideas greater elementals that roamed Lorwyn. That would likely prove unusual enough an aspect to a plane to allow me to track her there. If this Endry had disappeared because he had stepped into the blind eternities then he was following a similar spark ignition Ajani Vengeant / Sarkhan Vol to mine. He would be drawn to a location or person involved with the person who triggered his rage.

=============END SUPPOSITION==================BEGIN EXPOSITION============

Having previously seen a plane conquered [New Phyrexia] and another plane nearly severed from reality [Alara] due to a clash between planeswalkers, I felt it behooved me to investigate further. Perhaps I could prevent another plane from becoming a wreckage of its former self. Utilizing mana detection techniques I had learned during the reformation of Alara’s domains I was able to skim the blind eternities to the land where Endry’s spark ignition had thrown him… Zendikar. I arrived in a fetid swamp and after some time learned from the locals that it was called the swamps of Guul Draz. They warned me away from the central city of Malakir and its vampire overlords, so I headed inland and spent time with the elven peoples of the combative Joraga Warcaller Joraga tribes.
I learned from them of their ongoing struggle against the vampires Hideous End, Stonework Puma of the swamplands. The dark magic of the vampires Needlebite Trap was countered by the warriors by an initiation rite which turned their blood [wiki and books] venomous to the vampires. Hoping to learn something of how this was accomplished I asked them about their rituals and their greater shamans and wizards. This let to some arguments between the elves and the revelation Nissa's Chosen that Nissa Revane was a native to their tribe. The argument grew heated because some felt Arbor Elf that she had turned her back on the tribe by studying with the mystics Greenweaver Druid of the deeper forest. But her chosen few regaled me with stories of how she alone amongst the elves had learnt of resurrecting abilities. She had discovered these powers of resurrection during a great travel which had revealed many mysteries to her. According to the elders of the Joraga, Nissa Revane had pursued a powerful Sorin Markov vampire with the intent of wresting Puncturing Light some sort of fabled Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief lore from him. Nissa’s parting claim was that once she had wrested this information from him she would return and lead all the elves, Joraga and Tajuru and Mul Daya alike, to a domination of the continent.


And so my path turned back upon itself and I journeyed towards the swamp once more. Even the friendliest amongst the elves had been unwilling to part with the methods that they used to render themselves venomous to vampires. All I had learned from the elves about dealing with vampires was to maintainBloodghast, Guul Draz Vampire a show of strength. With some luck Pulse Trackerreaching the gates Gatekeeper of Malakir and a sufficiently Highland Berserker reckless companion, I would likely have an opportunity to negotiate for an audience Kalastria Highborn with a noble. Failing the negotiation was not really an option as the alternative was eradication by the cities undead Null Champion shock troops. Fate was with me and I was able speak with Drana, a bloodchief who’s magic was a near perfect balance to mine. My existence and my questions both intrigued her. She knew less of Nissa Revane than I, only that Nissa and her honor guard Nissa's Chosen had proven a troublesome group of raiders on their borders until just recently. I exchanged knowledge of the elf for knowledge of the vampire who Nisaa supposedly was pursuing.
Sorin Markov apparently was not Feast of Blood a native to the plane of Zendikar. He had been around for a long long time and worked closely with the Nirkana house of vampires, guiding them in the development of Nirkana Cutthroat their assassin school. Rumour had it that Sorin Markov had departed during the war against the Eldrazi Emrakul's Hatcher, leaving the school in the hands of a fairly young vampire named Idrol. Even amongst the vampires, and amongst them the assassins the name of Idrol Guul Draz Assassin was whispered rather than spoken. He was purported to capable of besting even the most powerful of the assassins Nirkana Cutthroat and vampires Arrogant Bloodlord, Butcher of Malakir,Malakir Bloodwitch, Anowon, the Ruin Sage of the nation. Drana herself felt uncertain of her ability to contest this Idrol should he choose to stand in her way. One of her courtiers even ventured so far as to claim that Idrol had bested Nissa herself Vendetta once before, a feat thus far beyond the nulls and gate wardens of Malakir as a whole.

=====END EXPOSITION===================BEGIN SUPPOSITION=======================

Nissa Revane
Zendikar (Foil)

It took time, and considerable effort, but I was able to negotiate a meeting with this infamous assassin. And Idrol had a fascinating tale. Nissa had initially allied herself with Sorin Markov and the two of them had travelled about attempting to assist against the Eldrazi. Idrol was unsure of the specifics but he did know that while they were gone a small entity with devious powers had infiltrated the Malakir capital, exposing itself to Idrol quite deliberately. The creature was smaller than a hawk Apex Hawk or even an imp Cadaver Imp, but quite intelligent and evaded Idrol with ease until at last it posited him a question regarding the whereabouts of Nissa Revane. Upon learning that she was missing somewhere on the plane and in the company of a leader Sorin Markov + Guul Draz Vampire amongst the vampires, the strange creature settled down and began to ply Idrol with offers.
They negotiated an exchange of services; in return for training in other worldly magic which would enhance his Guul Draz Assassin particular skills, all elves and vamps have toughness 4 or less on zendikar] assassination skills, Idrol would act as a cat’s-paw for this Endry creature – removing Nissa’s honor guard to allow Endry the opportunity to strike her down. Nissa’s powers were dependent upon the presence of elves around her, and upon returning from a long journey she was sure to be near exhausted. Idrol would destroy the elves with magic unheard of upon Zendikar, and Endry would close for the kill.
According to Idrol, Guul Draz Assassin everything had worked fairly well until the return of Sorin Markov. Sorin had returned to Malakir abruptly, made an abrupt declaration that the last of these neonates (of which Idrol was one) left standing would be the new master of the assassins, gathered a few supplies Blade of the Bloodchief, Explorer's Scope, Ttrailblazer's Boots and simply stepped into nothingness. Idrol and Endry spent a few days discussing what to do about the sudden uncertainty about Nissa’s whereabouts. And it was well for their plans that they did so, because Nissa and several of her staunchest followers infiltrated the grounds. Looking for Sorin Markov, they instead fell afoul of an assassin and a planeswalker. Idrol struck the Chosen down and Endry attempted to close with Nissa. However, she had determined the true meaning of Sorin’s parting words to her just days before. Leaving Nissa to deal with her own mess [novels + wiki] and heading home did not mean Malakir, it meant departing for his home plane! Moments after Nissa tracked the essence of Zendikar imbued in the artifacts Sorin had taken with him, Endry followed her into the blind eternities.

========END SUPPOSITION=================BEGIN JUSTIFICATION==================

Nissa betrayed Sorin and released the eldrazi. Sorin skipped out on on Zendikar because she sucked. Nissa planeswalks to track sorin with the intent of making him help with the eldrazi. Despite this we know that eventually the eldrazi lose, with no help from Nissa or Sorin:
--- Gideon Jura / second ability
--- Luminous Wake / quote
--- Narcolepsy / art & quote
--- Tajuru Preserver / mechanic
--- Bloodthrone Vampire + Brink of Disaster
--- Curse of Wizardry / clerics heal after combat
--- Oust / Gideon (predicting near death experience)
--- Harmless Assault (Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre down)
--- Momentous Fall (Kozilek, Butcher of Truth down)
--- Near-Death Experience (Emrakul, the Aeons Torn down)
--- Gelatinous gGenesis (eldrazi past tense on a Ride of Eldrazi card)

Presumably the reason Sorin and Nissa are not involved is because she never brought him back to Zendikar -> I postulate this is due to her eradication by Endry while she is on Innistrad.


Sorin Markov: planeswalker left Zendikar and returned to home plane [seriously, read books and web content]
Markov Patrician + Consume Spirit M12 version: Innistrad is his home plane
Shimmering Grotto: on Innistrad? look at both versions
Night Terrors: maybe I am pushing this dream thing a bit too far?
Prey Upon Parallel Lives: species hunting one another!
Shimmering Grotto,Blades of Velis Vel: flavor text corollary and the fact this is the 1 of 2 common mana fixing land they decided to reprint for Innistrad.

Final note, no creatures of type ELF or FAERIE exist so far on Innistrad…. and no faeries existed on Zendikar.

==========END JUSTIFICATION======================BEGIN PROPOSITION=====

Consign to Dream: dreams supplant 'reality' i.e.: planes
Oona's Grace: doing a thing twice is an oona fae thing
Stream of Unconsciousness: dreams are a wizard thing
MtG Design: planeswalkers are all wizards
Vendilion Clique: Endry is a wizard

  1. Endry is a a vendetta-bound faerie planeswalker with abilities reminiscent of lorwyn: 
  2. Faeries are blue and black Cloak and Dagger grants abilities that are, in Lorwyn, faerie aligned and ‘rogue’ is synonymous with vagabond.
  3. Rings of Brighthearth are flame based and flamekin created ---> rings are red and black

THEREFORE ---------> endry is Blue Black and Red

Compare the following to other cards with casting cost = URB:

Endry, Vendetta Born - - (1)(b)(U)(r)
Faces opponent off-screen in a 3/4 rear profile posture, glowing ring on each hand, 'cloak' folded across wingless shoulder w/stalactite in one hand and black smoke swirl ‘and dagger’ in other

Planeswalker – Endry
shroud (This permanent can't be the target of spells or abilities.)
+2: You lose one life and put a 1/1 blue/black Faerie Rogue creature token with flying and shroud onto the battlefield.
+1: Look at target player’s hand. Choose a nonland card from it. That player reveals the chosen card, puts it on the bottom of his or her library, then draws a card
-5: You get an emblem with "Whenever an ability is activated, if it isn't a mana ability, you may sacrifice this emblem. If you do, copy that ability. You may choose new targets for the copy."

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