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My opponent says "go". Where can I assume the game-state progresses to? For a specific example: my opponent has just attacked, blocks have happened and we've just written down new life totals and sent creatures to the graveyard. They say "go" [no spells/effects are on the stack]. Are we in the post-damage combat priority step, the post-combat main phase, the beginning of the end step, the end step etc? Can I play "at end of turn" abilities? Untap? Draw? What do I have to say to my opponent to allow me to draw? And how far can I go without getting a penalty for doing something out of order?

Of course, this might require a pretty long response (technically, it requires a table of "game state when opponent says 'go' " on the x-axis, and "assumed progression" on the y-axis), so feel free to delay an answer until you've got time to treat it fully, since it's not actually a 'rules of the game' question but a 'tournament/play' question.

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