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Combo - Why Play It?


Today I am going to talk about one of if not the coolest styles of deck building. The epicly erradic combo decks. Combo decks are decks that use certain cards in conjucntion with each other to essentially break them. Combo decks general beat aggro and midrange decks, but loose to control decks. Combo decks are so fun and are worth playing.

What is Combo?

Combo is the deck that needs to find pieces to a ridiculous series of spells that will just win the game. For example in extended we had All in Red (technically), TEPS and maybe next extended season Dragonstorm, and in standard we have Grinding and Hyper Death Cascade Seismic Swans Assault (or just Cascade Swans). These decks use cards that will allow the player to get around playing cards for their respective mana costs. In the Storm decks you have mana accel into Mind's Desire and then in Swans you have cascade spells.

When is Combo a good choice?

When ever then metagame is not expecting it. In standard that time could be now due the popularity of midrange and aggro strategies. For a time Insanity Grinding was the one of the only choices in standard, but now we have the super exiting and unfair Cascade Swans. Paulo Vitor's masterpiece will be something that everybody should be prepaired for in the coming months.

Is Combo any good?

When a deck traditionally can win on turns 1-4 it is pretty good (debatably no current combo decks (short of Legacy/Vintage) can do 1 turn win right now).  Cascade Swans (the new combo posterboy (for standard)) is able to just demolish an opponent due to its 40+ lands into Seismic Assault. Not many decks can actually deal with that. So in my opinion the combo deck is good, really good.

Swans vs. Grinding

Which combo deck is better? Grinding can just mill a person out on turn 5 (if lucky), but its just not as consistent at doing that. While Swans can just demolish a person's hopes and dreams every single game. Swans is probably the better of the two decks due to its tremendous reach and ability to gather resources and find them quickly with cascade.

Should you play Combo?

Its up to you. Combo decks are so lively (most of the time), create incredibly exiting game states (most of the time), and are just straight up good times. If you don't like to beat down, or throw down Cruel Ultimatums and Cryptic Commands, combo may be the right deck for you. If you would like fries and drink with your meal then get the combo if not be prepared to be beaten in the face with it. Just remember to watch out for the Swans on the horizon.

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