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Urza's Big Project

This started out as a standard heartless summoning deck a while back which I have since revisited and turned modern.  Despite the name, Urzatron is not the main deck strategy, but merely a supportive strategy.  I named it Urza's Big Project because the anvils, maps, and big machinery along with all the Urzatron lands give a feeling of a huge project under construction.  It was just a Semblance anvil deck after I cut the heartless summonings and I decided to splash green to fetch my anvils using Ancient Stirrings and then realized the mana base would work fine if I turned it into a Tron deck.  Priest of Urabrask multiplies your red mana to help cast Inferno Titans, with an anvil prophetic prism is free and filters your mana, and free myrs are also fun.  If you decide to try this deck, remember it's not an Urza-Tron deck,  it's an anvil deck with help from Urza-Tron.  Also, don't be afraid to exile big guys with the anvil, there are plenty in the deck.

P.S. I have modified the deck by swapping the steel hellkite in my sideboard for one of the titans.

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