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Identifying Counterfeit Magic Cards


There have been recent reports of a new crop of counterfeit cards from China entering the MTG market in the US. For the protection of our customers, we want to share some advice on how to spot these cards. Our expert buyers have worked with Magic cards for years and have no problems detecting these fakes.

In order to help you with distinguishing between fake and genuine cards here are a few examples of what to look out for: 


The top card in the image is fake, using a slightly different copyright font (the ™ and © symbols pop out more) and having minor differences in surface gloss. 

Fake Tarmogoyf

The Tarmogoyf on the right is the fake, notice that the letter-spacing is off and the paintbrush next to the artist's name looks different. 

These examples refer mainly to the latest fake cards that have surfaced. There are fake cards from older sets in circulation that may have different characteristics and our experts will use many advanced methods to identify them as fakes. 

Detecting counterfeits can be trickier without originals to compare against. Our experts have the advantages of originals to hand and, more importantly, the enormous experience of thousands of Magic cards passing through their hands on a daily basis. A couple of ways to be sure of your card's authenticity are to pull it from a sealed pack, or buy it from us.

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