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M.G.D or Mono Green Devotion is probably one of my favorite decks in the current standard format. Though this type of deck haven't really topped any recent tournaments, these types of decks have been dominating Friday Nights Magic all over. My version is running a very large amount of two drops; some to be more aggressive (i.e. Burning-Tree Emissary Scavenging Ooze, Brushstrider, and Kalonian Tusker, while some are just because it can be a combo piece (i.e. Voyaging Satyr). The other differences is that I have cut the splash red entirely and just stuck with Garruk, Caller of Beasts as my one planeswalker; as well as having a few one-of's for the first game. 

Now the sideboard is just a very basic sideboard for a mono-green deck. Ratchet Bomb for the token and B/W Human's match up, Pithing Needle for the Superfriends, Esper, and Pack Rat match ups, Plummet for the hard to deal with fliers, Mistcutter Hydra for the aggressive blue match ups, Nylea's Disciple for the abundant amounts of Boros Burn and Mono-Red Burn in the format, and Skylasher for the slower blue match ups and any match up that just need me to be more aggressive. Suggestions are wanted!

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