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New Big Video Competition for June!


June sees the return of one great big video competition! We've got a big bundle of prizes again, so get those videos in!

Prizes: 1st place - $150, 2nd place - $125, 3rd place - $100, 4th place - $75, 5th place - $50

Send us your MTG related videos, and you could win $150 in store credit (cash alternative available), a paid spot on our regular video show The Blackborder Show, or one of many other great prizes!

How do I enter this competition?

Create a new, unique video relating to MTG. The subject matter is entirely your choice. You could make a straight to camera strategy master class, an opinion or humor piece accompanied by images, a filmed report of a tournament or game, footage from MTGO,  or really anything you want. 

Your video must either:

  • Have this short piece of footage on the front


  • Only if you video uses no editing effects and is just a person talking to camera, have that person at the start say "This video is for The Blackborder Show Video Competition".

Once you’ve made the video, upload it to either YouTube or Vimeo.

Submit this video to us before 30 June 2009 using this page, and you will automatically be entered in the competition.

Remember: Only videos with that message OR the Blackborder Video Competition footage at the front are eligible to win prizes!

How long does the video need to be?

The completed video should be between 3 and 10 minutes in length, including the Blackborder Video Competition Footage.

Can I include some text or card info along with my video?

Yes. You can enter text on the submission page. If you have submited a deck on the website, you can also list it on the submission page.


What are the prizes, exactly?

The prizes are as listed above. They are all paid in store credit. If you prefer, you can choose to take 80% of the prize amount in cash instead. This will be paid in Paypal or, if you are in the USA, by check.

We may choose to offer a paid regular video spot to the creators of any videos we feel are of exceptionally high quality.

Who decides who wins?

Our neutral panel of sophisticated, intelligent, and anonymous MTG players (it's not being judged by ratings this time, so feel free to score the videos however you want).

Can I enter more than once?

Yes, you are welcome to enter as many times as you like! It is even possible to win more than one prize!

What is the deadline for entries?

30 June 2009


When is my video shown publicly?

Your video may not be immediately shown on the site. We may wait and show the videos over several days to reduce the chance of videos being missed because too many are put up all at once. This does not affect your competition entry. The deadline above applies to when you submit your video, not when we put it up.


When are the winners announced?

We will announce winners within two weeks of the deadline. This is to give our panel time to watch all the videos and properly consider.

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