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What's the Most Famous Steak in the World?


About Riccardo Tessitori

Riccardo Tessitori
Riccardo Tessitori

Riccardo Tessitori is a level 5 judge from Italy (and former Pro Player ^__^); he judged more than a hundred professional events, headjudged more than 25 Grand Prix events in Europe, the United States and Asia and has been headjudging Pro Tours and World Championships since 2009:

  • Pro Tour Kyoto 2009
  • Pro Tour Austin 2009
  • Worlds Chiba 2010
  • Pro Tour Philadelphia 2011
  • Pro Tour Barcelona 2012
  • World Magic Cup Indianapolis 2012
  • Pro Tour Dublin 2013
  • Pro Tour Valencia 2014

What's the Most Famous Steak in the World?

Hello everybody!

This week, we are going to travel again, with the last summer GP: Kobe, we will take a look at the Top 8 decks and some of the delicacies the city has to offer.

Happy reading.

Event Report – Grand Prix Kobe 2014

Kobe is the sixth largest city in Japan (after Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya and Sapporo).

Kobe was one of the cities that were used for trading with foreign countries in the middle of the nineteenth century, after the end of the policy of seclusion; its port is still one of the most active points of trade with foreign countries, and here you can find European style settlements; correct, not the most interesting city to visit for an European traveler, but still nice.

Here you have a few pictures of the nice Sorakuen garden:

The Arrival

Yes, I always have to tell you some stories about my travels; the reason is that it’s kind of like travelling together, isn’t it? ;)

Japan is famous for its traditions, the mingling of ancient tradition and modern technology, all surrounded by the astonishing Japanese order.

What has this got to do with travelling?

Think about the last time you landed and you were waiting at the airport for your bag at the carousel.

Here you have a few pictures; you can try to guess which ones are from a Japanese airport and which ones are from an Italian airport!

OK, OK, I found the crowded one on the web, but the other two are real and, believe me, in the “wonderful and very efficient” airport I am always flying from it’s VERY different.

In one of my next articles, I will tell you about Rome airport.

The Tournament

It’s been a while that I haven’t analyzed decks; shall we?

Here you can find the Top 8 decklists; let’s add some quick comments about rules and tournament situations.

Yuusei Gotou: Artifacts

Ensoul Artifact: if the enchanted artifact has counters on it (for example modular counters), the creature is bigger than 5/5; Ensoul Artifact modifies the base power and toughness, while the effect of +1/+1 counters is applied later. From M15, the word “base” has been added to clarify that counters, enchantments and all other external effects still apply.

Galvanic Blast: if you cast Galvanic Blast and your opponent bounces or destroys your artifact so that you control less than three artifacts, Galvanic Blast will deal only 2 damage; the check if you have metalcraft is done at the moment your spell resolves.

Spellskite: it can modify the target of the modular ability; it’s excellent against affinity decks (though I doubt that your opponent will choose to resolve modular…)

Shohei Mita

Spell Snare: it can counter spells with Phyrexian mana like Vault Skirge, even if your opponent chooses to pay 2 life points; the converted mana cost depends on what is printed on the card, not on the number of lands that your opponent tapped to cast the spell.

Remand: if you cast it on your opponent’s spell, and he casts a second Remand targeting his own spell, his spell won’t be a legal target for your Remand; the result is that your Remand gets countered and you don’t get to draw the card.

Timely Reinforcements: the check for the number of creatures and for the life points is done when the spell resolves. What is chosen or checked on announcement is: targets, modes, value of X in costs, activation requirements, different effects on different targets (like damage or counter division); everything else is checked on resolution.

Yuuki Akaboshi

Karn Liberated: if you restart the game with Karn, you will play first, independently of who started the initial game. (Karn Liberated is one of my favorite cards)

Emrakul, the Aeons Torn: you need to announce the extra turn before the moment the ability has a visual effect on the game, which is the moment you will untap for your second turn; there is no need to announce it immediately when you cast Emrakul.

Sylvan Scrying and Expedition Map: before adding the card to your hand, you must reveal it to your opponent. In tournaments, it’s very important that you reveal it to your opponent and that you are sure that he saw it. What I suggest is to keep it on the table, shuffle, give your deck to your opponent for additional shuffling and then add the card to your hand.

Bo Sun

Goblin Guide: you control the ability that allows your opponent to reveal the first card of his library; it’s mandatory for you to say it to your opponent every time you attack. This is very important, as “forgetting” to mentioning it can easily be seen as very sketchy (it means that it looks like cheating) and I don’t want any of you to get into any trouble.

Eidolon of the Great Revel: here the opposite is true, you have to remember the ability before making any other action; your opponent has no obligation of reminding you that he will be dealt 2 damage. Positive triggered abilities are skill testers and you have the responsibility of remembering them.

Yuuki Ichikawa

Twisted Image: this kills a Spellskite and makes me draw a card. I LOVE IT! Have I ever told you that I find Spellskite incredibly annoying? ;)

The Delicacies

Have you ever heard about “Kobe beef”?

If the answer is “no” and you are fond of good meat, I strongly encourage you to try it, even if it will just be once in your life.

Kobe beef is quite famous and really delicious.

Walking from the central station area to the Sorakuen gardens, I found a very small hamburger place; it looked like a normal place:

Then I decided to enter; there was good music, it was clean and comfortable, I liked the furniture and the lighting:

And especially I liked the food and the friendly owners:

Goodbye Kobe

OK, our adventure in Kobe has come to an end, it’s time to get out for the last night and have a great dinner… and you just read about the specialties Kobe has to offer!!

I hope you enjoyed this article, and I’m looking forward to reading your comments.

In the next article, we will have a new Card of the Month and also the rules analysis of the entire Khans of Tarkir set (when this article was submitted, not all the cards had been published, and I wouldn’t have been allowed to write about a card that we weren’t supposed to know it existed, right?).

Don’t forget to submit all your rules questions for the next installment of Ask the Judge. Simply send me a personal message with all the rules questions you may have.

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You can ask him questions concerning rules problems, the life of a level 5 judge, DCI policies, interesting tournament situations and anything else you want to ask him!

See you in a couple of weeks!


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