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Sliver Says What?!?


Jesse Dana
Jesse Dana

About Jesse Dana

I live in Massachusetts just outside of Boston. I am obsessed with food and will travel anywhere in the country to find the best meal, often making restaurant reservations before booking the travel plans. I am also a huge sports fan and quite devoted to my hometown teams. I started playing Magic during the Unlimited/Revised era and played regularly until Tempest. I then played off and on until Alara block and now play regularly. Since my return to the game, I have become fascinated about every aspect of it, from the strategy, to the Pro Tour, to even the lore of the game, but most of all the camaraderie and betterment it has brought about for those that have the privilege to play.  Although I am extremely competitive by nature, most of my spell slinging now is done in the form of casual Commander and I have never enjoyed the game more. I try to play as much as possible, or as much as I can without having my wife kick me out of the house. (She is, however, supportive of the hobby).  My goal is to one day work for WotC not only in a creative capacity but to be an ambassador for the game that has brought so much enrichment to my life.  

Sliver says What?!?

With the Holidays fast approaching my play-group and I are looking forward to some much needed vacation days.  Between the five of us there have been three moves into new houses, two job changes and one baby announcement all in the last six months. Needless to say, we have all been busy and are eager to spend some quality time with one another and devote another full day marathon to slinging spells.  Soon we will be upon the much anticipated EDH day 3, which will undoubtedly be as epic as the first two.  If you don’t know what EDH day is, you can read my previous article about what the event entails… Like with any other tournament or event, EDH day takes a lot of deck prep and tweaking.  We each create a new list for the day to surprise the others as well as fine tune a select group of decks in hoping to optimize them for what we think the Meta might be.  Today I am going to show you a brand new list that could be the most epic fail in the history of my deck building career, but for nothing else it has provided some comedic value and surely makes all my opponents say "What?".  However, before we dive into the craziness of my new Sliver Legion brew, I want to bring back an old favorite and share with you some of the updates I have made.

Progress Updated

The core of this deck has changed very little, and honestly I don’t ever see that it will.  The basis here is Planeswalker control and utilizing other spells to protect them or enhance their abilities in order to use one or any combination to the game, in my favor of course.  I have made quite a few card swaps since the last time I wrote about this deck and have added some interesting old spells, as well as conciseness updates based on all the new Aether trippers that have been printed.  Here is the new list and my reasons for some of the current changes.

Progress Updated

Converted Mana Cost
Basic Land10

An Update to Progenitus Planeswalker control deck. 

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Walker Swaps

Out: Ajani Goldmane, In Ajani Steadfast:  An easy one for one swap.  I was sad to lose the life gain and it was an underrated ability that would negate all the Fetches… but I still get to put a +1/+1 counter on Progenitus allowing for a two swing kill.  Additionally, his -2 is just gross when I have two or more other Planeswalkers on the board.  His emblem made me squeal like a child as, of course, if completed will make my team indestructible.

Out Elspeth Tirel, In Elspeth Sun's Champion:  Another easy change, as here I can up her counters to put soldiers on the field instead of twiddling her down.  Her minus ability is also another Wrath that protects not only her, but all her friends, and they do appreciate that.  There are few creatures in the deck so Tirel’s fist ability was kinda useless.

Out Sorin Markov, In Sorin, Solemn Visitor:  It was hard to get rid of one of my favorite cards ever, but the groans at the table every time I cast Markov were enough to know he had to go.  The latest iteration has been really sweet though, as he creates a protecting flyer, which the deck was lacking and his +1 ability is amazing with an unblockable Progenitus.  Another nice thing about the swap is the two less mana to cast, there are fat spells in this deck, so anytime I can trim it’s a good thing.

Out Garruk Primal Hunter, In Ajani Mentor of Heroes:  Garruk was great, but the triple Green was not always easy to come by.  Ajani helps greatly to beef up any tokens I may have and the fact that he has another +1 that helps me draw his friends is incredibly useful in setting up game winning scenarios.  My favorite ability, however, is his Ultimate, which, like many of the others out there, is unbelievable with Doubling Season.  Five mana to gain 100 life seems fair to me.

Out Chandra Nalaar, In Tezzert the Seeker:  Although I liked having the five original Walkers in the deck, Chandra was often underwhelming.  Tezzeret was an even mana swap that also gave me another conditional tutor for the deck.  Now from the list you may say there are not a ton of artifacts in the deck, but some of them like Rings of Brighthearth can allow me to win the game, so it seemed appropriate.

Other Swaps

Out Inexorable Tide, In Mirari's Wake:  The Tide was too slow and often did not net me much of an advantage.  Mirari's Wake, however, should have really been in the deck since the beginning, as have Progenitus as an 11/11 is so much better than a 10/10 and for obvious reasons, that additional mana has been incredibly useful.

Out Tezzert's Gambit, In Allied Strategies:  Like the Tide, the proliferation was cute on the Gambit but let’s be honest five cards is five cards and I have never had it cast for anything less than five cards, as there are more than enough Duals to synergize.

Out Contagion Clasp, In Clockspinning:  At instant speed and with buyback this has been a glorious change.  The ability to EOT pump any or all of my Walkers is super effective and this card also allows me to create tough decisions for my opponents on who to attack as I can often save a Walker from death.  The ability to remove counters from opponent’s permanents has also been a nice trick that is unsuspecting.

Out Sylvan Library, In The Chain Veil:  Believe it or not, the library was not that great over the course of many games, the Chain Veil, which from first gaze was an auto include in the deck, has already helped me win the first few matches where I cast it.  This was the main reason I put Tezzert in the deck, as not only can he help me get it faster, but allows for double Veiling…sooooo sweet.

While there are a few other changes in the deck from the previous list, for better or worse, or better or better, there are about to be even more updates.  We are now less than a month away from the new Commander pre-cons, in fact, there is a chance that when this article is posted, we will already have begun seeing the spoilers on the Mothership…Fingers crossed.  Already Teferi has a spot in this deck and I am certain that one or even all of the other Walkanders will find their way into Progress.  There is also the fact that we have a brand new deck to get to that I have affectionately dubbed the ugly step sister of Progenitus, Sliver says What?

To start, before the first battle even began with this deck, I managed to troll all of the people in my play-group.  For weeks leading up to some deck testing, I was asking everybody to trade me Slivers from all the various sets.  I also talked about how sad it was that in all the years our group had been playing, we neglected among the five of us to have one of the most iconic archetypes in all of Commander and that I would single handedly change that.  There was never any intention on my part to play a “Sliver” list, just the fact that Sliver Legion seemed to fit what I wanted to do in the deck, which is five color shenanigans.  No, this is not a five color control list full of all the best spells from each slice of the color pie, the entire deck is revolved around alternate or less than traditional win conditions.  When I play this deck there is no intention of being serious and I honestly don’t care if I win or lose, the sole purpose is just to see what can happen throughout the game and to make my opponents go “What just Happened?”    

Sliver Says What ?!?

Main Deck

(100 cards)

1Sliver Legion
1Door to Nothingness
1Vraska the Unseen
1Phage the Untouchable
1Nefarious Lich
1Felidar Sovereign
1Academy Rector
1Zedruu the Greathearted
1Crucible of Worlds
1Illusions Of Grandeur
1Bazaar Trader
1Slaughter Pact
1Intervention Pact
1Summoner's Pact
1Pact of Negation
1Pact of the Titan
1Hive Mind
1Amulet of Vigor
1Immortal Coil
1Jace, the Living Guildpact
1Azusa, Lost But Seeking
1Eternal Witness
1The Mimeoplasm
1Snapcaster Mage
1Supreme Verdict
1Wrath of God
1Merciless Eviction
1Hallowed Burial
1Toxic Deluge
1Crop Rotation
1Expedition Map
1Demonic Tutor
1Beseech the Queen
1Mystical Tutor
1Worldly Tutor
1Enlightened Tutor
1Diabolic Tutor
1Diabolic Revelation
1Hero's Downfall
1Swords to Plowshares
1Orim's Chant
1Plasm Capture
1Grim Discovery
1Tempt with Discovery
1Obzedat's Aid
1Time Warp
1Web of Inertia
1Rhystic Study
1Red Sun's Zenith
1Repay in Kind
1Sol Ring
1Whispersilk Cloak
1Sensei's Divining Top
1Lightning Greaves
1Darksteel Ingot
1Chromatic Lantern
1Maze's End
1Gruul Guildgate
1Rakdos Guildgate
1Selesnya Guildgate
1Izzet Guildgate
1Golgari Guildgate
1Boros Guildgate
1Simic Guildgate
1Dimir Guildgate
1Orzhov Guildgate
1Azorius Guildgate
1Forbidden Orchard
1Mana Confluence
1Reflecting Pool
1Command Tower
1City of Brass
1Crosis's Catacombs
1Dromar's Cavern
1Exotic Orchard
1High Market
1Overgrown Tomb
1Godless Shrine
1Watery Grave
1Bloodstained Mire
1Wooded Foothills
1Windswept Heath
1Marsh Flats
1Bojuka Bog
1Seaside Citadel
1Temple of Malady
Converted Mana Cost
Basic Land7

Sliver Control deck?  Nah just five color sillyness

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Sliver Legion
Future Sight (Foil)

Sliver Legion:  A five color creature that is easy to cast, I chose her over all the other options only because she is a 7/7 when my opponents are concentrating on stopping all my tricks, there is a chance I can get them for three swings and Commander kill them.

How You May Perish.

Maze's End Combo:  How could I build this deck and not put this combo in?  I had been asked before why this was not in my Progenitus deck and I said because it was too silly for a deck like that, but here it is perfect. Now the combo does help with mana fixing, but the fact that I need all eleven pieces to win and all of them come in tapped, can slow things down.  To help this go smoother I have added a few tools.

1)  Amulet of Vigor: really helps the tapped dilemma and having the ability to get it out turn one can really change the game for me.  Aside from the land, it has allowed me to play Door to Nothingness with less stress of it being destroyed before I could use it.

2)  Scapeshift:  if I find myself a few turns in and already have multiple gates in play, this can be an awesome accelerator to the engine.  It’s also a tutor in a way for Bojuka Bog or High Market that can help begin other combos.

3)  Tempt with Discovery:  Whomever designed this card…Thank You.  It has never failed to create a chuckle or two when resolved as each opponent deliberates with the idea of whether or not to discover along with me.  When played on turn four or five I almost never see a lack of temptation.

4)  Crucible of Worlds:  With the chance that I can win simply by land drops, my mana base is always a threat.  I had to include this artifact in order to give me another fighting chance if I see a bunch of Wastelands.

Hive Mind Combo:  I believe this is actually how this deck got put together in the first place.  There was a discussion if any of us had seen it in Commander and none of us had, so I said, let’s see if it works.  I really feel like, although they take up a ton of slots, that you need all five Pacts in the deck, as you never know what color combination you will be playing.  With that said, even without casting them for the purpose of comboing, most of them have been useful just for their initial ability.  This combo really can be unfair as you can drop Hive Mind and then not have to pay anything to kill an opponent.

Immortal Coil, Nefarious Lich, Transcendence and Illusions of Grandeur:  All four of these are targets for Zedruu, Bazar Trader and Donate and have the ability to kill your opponent in a variety of ways.  I have actually taken out an opponent on turn three a few times by playing a turn one Sol Ring, turn two Immortal Coil and turn three Donate.  Did I feel bad about it… what do you think.  Nefarious Lich has caused some interesting turns as it doesn’t necessarily kill right away, but when donated, can stop opponents from doing board wipes or bounce spells…

Phage:  I really love casting her because it is a card that makes everyone’s palms sweat, even mine.  I have lost a number of games because of Oblivion Ring bounce combo, but on the same side have seen my opponents cast Rise of the Dark Realms and kill themselves.  I added Whispersilk Cloak and Lightning Greaves to put a little more heat on my opponents.  Typically I wait till after a Wrath to cast her, but that really depends on what the rest of the board is like.

Vraska and Felidar Sovereign: Both are “Cute” win on their own spells that I felt inclined to put in the deck.  Vraska usually just destroys other permanents, but one of them could be a donated Nefarious Lich!


With the deck needing many combo pieces in order to achieve its goal many tutors are necessary.  There are eight traditional or straight forward ones like Demonic or Enlightened Tutor, but if you count cards like Academy Rector or Obzedat's Aid there are as many as eighteen ways to get the card you need to combo off.


There are only a handful in the deck, but all provide great purpose.

Azusa, Eternal Witness, Mimeoplasm:  All three can make having Summoner's Pact actually useful in the deck.  Azusa is especially useful early and pairs great with Maze's End Combo.  The Mimeoplasm can shift the game all by itself when cast after a Wrath.

Academy Rector:  Another combo piece that can help you find a number of the non-traditional win cons.  I added High Market as another way to help her achieve her goal.

This deck has been one that quickly became a crowd favorite and only should be played in a crowd.  I tried a few games with 1 or 2 opponents and failed miserably, however in a four or five player game, there are enough targets where hopefully you can survive enough to combo a little.  If you are in the mood for silliness I say go ahead and sleeve this up, also if you have any suggestions, please let me know, I am always looking for another way to throw off my play-group.

Till next time, Sling well.

Email: Secondmainmtg@gmail.com

Twitter: @JesseMDana

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