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it is the real in http://www.boardgamesofold.com/

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it is the real in http://www.boardgamesofold.com/

First, the provincial government of Zhejiang Province, the provincial government by the letter, the provincial financial office, the provincial banking regulatory authorities and government departments at all levels to establish a coordination group, The second is the hope that the Zhejiang provincial government to come forward to coordinate the bank to suspend the loan, and as soon as possible the recent collection of loans temporarily issued to the relevant enterprises, to the enterprise to breathe and deal with the crisis of the crisis. Time; hope the government to come forward with the bank coordination, for the next three years, do not cut the amount of loans related businesses. If the requirements within three years, do not cut the amount of corporate loans, is open to question, but the first request, not only reasonable, and indeed need to come forward, the system to solve, rely on the bank's debt, can only make the crisis more spread , By the enterprise self-help, it is not an effective move. The credit crisis triggered by the guarantee is still a leveraged crisis in essence. The systemic risk of solving the financial system belongs to the public goods that the government should provide, and the countries in Europe and the United States have a mature coping scheme. However, the strange thing is that for the lack of financial budget regulation, the use of public funds is extremely chaotic in Cheap Ferragamo Belts, for private enterprises in the credit crisis, whether banks, or people, but has shown a high degree of market economy risk conceit the concept and Enterprise harsh, http://www.boardgamesofold.com/ which is not only the root of the crisis all attributed to the enterprise, to cover up the government financial system of the incomplete and responsibility, but also on the market economy system risk misreading. This concept of discrimination and the fate of private enterprises indifference, it is the real market economy is absolutely not tolerated.

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