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http://www.inep-acad.ru/ Land and Resources

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http://www.inep-acad.ru/ Land and Resources

even with the policy runs counter to the relevant departments to increase income means and tools, which should cause us to be alert. China's environmental problems are very complex, do not expect any pollution through the tax can be resolved. In particular, China's auto industry has today's success is not easy, and the high tax burden has become China's auto industry development system bottleneck, the future policy should be based on tax cuts rather than in various names to increase taxes. Only to reduce the burden of the automotive industry in order to allow the automotive industry have some room to improve the technology to research and development of new energy and other environmentally friendly vehicles, heavy taxes in the environment, companies linger, let alone research and development of new technologies. For the first three months of Beijing's land revenue surge, http://www.inep-acad.ru/ Land and Resources Bureau deputy director Zeng Wing has given us a completely different answer: He said that Beijing has a supply of residential land in the first quarter of 670 hectares, of which 400 hectares of policy room. This means that Beijing's first quarter of land revenue is about half of last year, but most of the land supply to the policy of housing, and, he pointed out that in 2010 the policy of housing land 1250 hectares, planning construction area of ??1600 Million square meters, an increase of more than 60% last year. Moreover, Zeng Rongrong said in particular, the first quarter of 400 hectares of policy room floor land floor price of less than 3,500 yuan / square meter, and the transfer of commercial housing land compared to the government to profit of 30 billion yuan

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