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www.inep-acad.ru in the face of high

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www.inep-acad.ru in the face of high

Indeed, in the face of high prices, Beijing to increase the protection of housing for the land and construction efforts, so that ordinary people live in a dream, can be described as good governance. Although the so-called government profits of 30 billion argument seems wrong, after all, the protection of the room belongs to the government should be responsible, today's large-scale construction, before the debt too much, rather than to benefit the people also. But in general, in the protection of housing construction, Beijing should be in the forefront of the country. From the progress of the construction of policy housing, and in the first half of the year to fight for the completion of the policy of housing land supply, to achieve all the year started. Moreover, this year, Beijing has decided to start construction of 134,000 sets of policy room, completed 46,000 sets, and make the policy of housing construction land accounted for more than 50% of residential land, the new construction of the number of policy housing units accounted for 50% Above, in the full settlement of the December 31, 2009 74,000 households are waiting for the housing on the basis of housing problems, the construction of 60,000 sets of targeted resettlement housing. There are figures, there are goals, progress, the people to the end of the year, it can be supervised by the government in the cake is still solemnly fulfilled the people's livelihood commitment. In this regard, Beijing in the construction of affordable housing on the various initiatives, http://www.inep-acad.ru/ commendable people's livelihood move.

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