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http://www.inep-acad.ru/ for agricultural

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http://www.inep-acad.ru/ for agricultural

We believe that if the major cities in the protection of housing construction can not be mercenary, to Beijing in line, the public for high prices can greatly ease the mood. In addition, the land finance, the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau spokesman Meng Jingwei yesterday said to the media: Beijing's fiscal revenue does not rely on land transfer payments, 80% of land revenue for people's livelihood. Meng Jingwei gave a few very meaningful figures: First, in 2009 Beijing financial revenue to complete 20.28 billion yuan is not included in the land income, it is clear in response to the Beijing land finance question; Second, Meng Jingwei said in 2009 Beijing City land transfer payments in fact 49.417 billion yuan, rather than everyone stir more than 900 billion yuan, because more than 900 billion contract price, rather than the actual amount of money in place. This statement is clearly contrary to the basic principles of accounting accounting: income is in accordance with the accusations rather than Meng Jingwei said the realization of the receipt and payment to confirm that the number does not make any sense; Third, Meng said: Beijing land revenue Is entirely taken from the people, with the people. In addition to 20% used to make up for land development and consolidation costs, 80% for people's livelihood expenditure. 80% of the land revenue for people's livelihood, this is indeed a great achievement. But look at Meng Jingwei said four people's livelihood projects: First, http://www.inep-acad.ru/ for agricultural land development and other aspects of 2.65 billion yuan, accounting for 5.4% of revenue; the second is for low-rent housing construction 3.85 billion yuan, 7.8% of revenue; Three for urban and rural municipal infrastructure construction 31.946 billion yuan, accounting for 64.6% of income; four for the reform and resettlement costs of state-owned enterprises and other aspects of 251 million yuan, accounting for 0.5% of revenue.

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