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Is wood - plastic floor a real zero - formaldehyde

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Is wood - plastic floor a real zero - formaldehyde

Zero formaldehyde does not exist, but some content is very low. The main sources of indoor air formaldehyde pollution are: furniture and fabrics, wood products fillers, building sources, detergents outdoor wpc floor sale , cosmetics and personal items, mainly artificial boards.

1. Made of plywood, joinery board, medium density fiberboard and particleboard for interior decoration. 2. From indoor furniture, including wood-based panel furniture, cloth art furniture, kitchen furniture, etc. 3. From other kinds of decorative materials containing formaldehyde, especially the unqualified white latex and paint. 4. Flat from interior decorative textiles, including bedding, wall cloth, wallpaper, carpets and curtains, etc.

In general newly decorated house the content of formaldehyde content can exceed 6 times above, individual can exceed above 40 times. The study shows that the content of formaldehyde in indoor environment is closely related to the time, temperature, humidity and ventilation of the house. In general, the longer the use of the house, the less formaldehyde residues in the indoor environment; The higher the temperature, the greater the humidity, the better the formaldehyde release; The better the ventilation condition, the more favorable for the release of formaldehyde in the building and decoration materials.

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