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light weight

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light weight

From the perspective of material types, the new ceramics are characterized by high strength, high temperature resistance, and wear resistance. They are mainly used in the manufacturing of automobiles, trains, aircrafts, and machinery. Individual stocks can focus on the production of ceramic bearings and the production of ceramic brake pads. Bo Yun new materials; ceramic fiber has a light weight, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity characteristics, widely used in energy saving and environmental protection, machinery, metallurgical and chemical industry and other fields; new glass, glass substrate is an important basic component of liquid crystal display devices Currently, only four companies in the world are able to manufacture glass substrates. Rainbow Co., Ltd., a domestic company, has achieved technological breakthroughs in glass substrates and is expected to achieve mass production before the end of the year. High-temperature structural ceramic materials are the focus of the development of advanced ceramic materials, and their main application targets are low-heat diesel engines for gas turbines and heavy-duty trucks. Using a ceramic engine can increase thermal efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

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