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Sealed Premier Event and the Finances of Magic


Noah Whinston

About the author

My name is Noah Whinston, and I am a Magic player currently living in Chicago where you can find me drafting at Evil Squirrel Comics on Saturdays. I am a PTQ level player, and have just recently started travelling to achieve my goal of qualifying for the Pro Tour.

Hey everyone,

Welcome to another episode of the Super Sunday Show.

On this episode, I start off with a report of an M10 sealed premier event that I played in on magic online. From there, I move on to talk about the finances of magic, and why you should care about it even though you're not a card dealer. Then I round off the show with more PTQ results!

If you didn't catch the last show, check out the latest "You Make the Play Contest", where the winner will receive a free Super Sunday Show T-Shirt. All you have to do is take a look at the sealed pool below and then build the best deck you can out of that pool and send me the decklist, including basic lands, through my contact tab on blackborder.com. I will then determine the winning deckdesign.

Keep a sharp lookout for the next episode of the Super Sunday Show on blackborder.com.

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Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!


The Super Sunday Show - You Make the Play #2 - Contest Sealed Pool

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