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Introducing Riccardo Tessitori and Announcing “Ask the Judge”


I would like to introduce you to level 5 judge Riccardo Tessitori who is joining Blackborder.com as an official feature writer and explain the "Ask the Judge" feature to you!

About Riccardo Tessitori

Riccardo Tessitori is a level 5 judge from Italy; he judged more than fifty Professional events, headjudged 10 Grand Prix and has just started headjudging Pro Tours, such as:

  • Pro Tour Kyoto 2009
  • The approaching Pro Tour Austin 2009
  • GP Paris 2008 (the biggest event of all time, with 1839 players)

Riccardo became a L2 in 2003, he judged all Worlds Championships and you might have seen him with the Red&Black polo during Worlds 2007 in New York.
Back in the days, Riccardo was a player too; before dedicating his time to judging. He qualified for Pro Tour Yokohama in 2003 and made day two of Grand Prix Madrid in 2004. Today, he continues playing locally and keeps in touch with the player community in his country.

Riccardo on Blackborder.com

Riccardo Tessitori as Head Judge at Pro Tour Kyoto
Riccardo Tessitori as Head Judge at Pro Tour Kyoto

“I am very pleased and excited to join the Blackborder team. It will be a new challenge for me and it will be a great opportunity to meet new people and to make new friends. Thanks to my rules and tournament policies knowledge, I count on helping you win a few more matches and making you discover the point of view of the judges in the wonderful world of Magic. In addition to answering all your rules questions, I will be able to explain the reasons behind the new policies. I might also be your ambassador if you have an advice or requests concerning tournament policies and procedures.

In the “Ask the Judge” feature column, I will be giving two types of answers:

  • Easy to read and quick, without any technical details
  • Complete and precise, with technical details and necessary citations from the rules

I am very proud to work with professionals like the Blackborder staff and with the famous Pro players who write for Blackborder.com.

Talk to you soon, on Blackborder.com!

Riccardo Tessitori
Feature Writer

Ask the Judge

Ask the Judge

I want to provide you with some details about the "Ask the Judge" feature.

As promised, Blackborder.com is continually adding more amazing features to the site. The latest feature is our upcoming “Ask the Judge” column, where level 5 judge Riccardo Tessitori will answer user submitted questions concerning rules problems, the life of a level 5 judge, DCI policies, interesting tournament situations and anything else you want to ask him!
In addition Riccardo will include bonus sections in his column about interesting cards, tournament reports and background information.

To ask Riccardo a question, click the link in the "Auctions" box on the front page. (This link will appear tomorrow.)
If you want to, you can consult our Auctions information section.

Riccardo will then pick the most interesting questions and answer them in his feature article on Blackborder.com.

Keep your browser tuned to Blackborder.com, and invite your friends to join the rapidly growing interactive Magic the Gathering portal that Blackborder.com is!

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