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Anthony Palmerio
Anthony Palmerio

About Anthony Palmerio

Anthony Palmerio is a PTQ level player who has been creating Magic multimedia for years, most recently including The Proffessors for the last 2 years. His opinion leans towards the Melvin and Spike aspects of Magic.

 Hello everybody and welcome to yet another episode of The Proffessors. This week we've got GP Oakland behind us and PT San Diego ahead. So we'll take a look at the top lists from the Grand Prix and view our potential big sellers and sweepers for this weekend's Pro Tour. So let's draw.

Matt Nass' Elves

Petr Brozek's Brozek Deck Wins

Travis Woo's Living End

The dueling decks of Standard at Pro Tour San Diego (unfortunately, no Allies):

Patrick Chapin's Blue-White Control

Tom Ross' Naya

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