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Hating Jund And My Favorite Standard Deck


About Nico Bohny

Nico Bohny
Nico Bohny

Nico is a level 4 member of the Pro Players Club, he has 79 lifetime Pro Points and is one of the best Limited players worldwide! Some of Nico’s MTG accomplishments include:

  • Winning Grand Prix Torino
  • Top 8 at Pro Tour Hollywood
  • Winning the team World Championship

Apart from playing high-level tournaments, Nico judges various Magic tournaments. In addition Nico is the original designer of the BW token deck. He was also spotted winning matches with 20/20 avatar tokens (or as he says “Chuck Norris tokens”) from Dark Depths at Nationals ;-).

Hello everybody

It's time for another installment of Ask the Pro, where I answer the most interesting questions from Blackborder.com users. Thank you for submitting your questions!


Matt Burford asks:


I was wondering and I am hoping for this but do you think that Jund will receive the same kind of hate cards that Faeries did from Wizards any time in the near future? Possibly M11?”


Hi Matt

Hard to tell, but I guess, it isn’t too easy to print an efficient hate card against Jund. The deck has lots of synergies and attacks its opponent from different angles. If you try to print a card which is really good against Cascade, Jund still generates card advantage via Blightning. They could also print some good spot removal against the early aggression of Jund, such as Sprouting Thrinax and Putrid Leech, but then you’ll just lose to Broodmate Dragon or Siege-Gang Commander. Sure enough you could print another color hoser (such as Paladin En-Vec), but Jund with its three colors has lots of options to adapt to new hate cards.

Faeries was also hard to hate due to their threat diversity (ranging from Mutavault and Mistbind Clique to Bitterblossom). Still, most of them had flying, so flash cards like Cloudthresher, or things that couldn’t be countered (Great Sable Stag, Volcanic Fallout) helped a lot.

I guess the best way to “hate” out Jund is to print better cards in White and Blue (like Cryptic Command or other equivalents of Bloodbraid Elf), or simply to ban Bloodbraid Elf herself (which probably won’t happen).


Jesper Holke-Farnam wants to know:

“Nico Bohny I would like to know what your favorite deck to play in Standard is right now? I would also like to know what is the best deck in Standard right now?”


Hey Jesper

Well, having seen the results of Pro Tour San Diego, Jund still seems to be among the most powerful decks, as well as Naya which proved to be a hot contender to become the new deck to beat. My favorite deck is the deck you’ll see in the next question. It's the deck I played in San Diego.


Dylan Frost asks:

“I have been testing the decklist you and Aras Senyuz played in San Diego. I tend to believe it is the best kept secret in Standard right now. I was hoping you would write an article discussing the deck, shedding information in matchups and what you would change in the new metagame. I have been testing the list with the Stoneforge Mystic toolbox as follows:

-3 Path to Exile -1 Martial Coup -1 Emeria Angel +2 Stoneforge Mystic +1 Basilisk Collar +1 Behemoth Sledge +1 Oblivion Ring

Cutting Path to Exile feels extremely risky, but I wanted a little more threat density. Increasing the number of Brave the Elements also seems like an option (how good were they for you?). With the rise of Naya and U/W control the sideboard probably could use some updating. Luminarch Ascension and Dauntless Escort seem strong against U/W and Harm's Way is a total blowout against naya's sparkmage/collar combo.

I plan on playing in a tournament this Saturday for a playset of all Zendikar fetchlands with this deck. You would be my hero if you would send me an updated strategy/decklist . Thank you for your time.”


Hey Dylan!

Thanks for your thoughts! I also love the deck a lot - it’s a build from William Cavaglieri, and I like most of his ideas. I didn’t plan on writing an article about it (maybe Will will), but I can give you a short update of my list.

At the moment my list looks like this:

WG Aggro by Nico Bohny


This deck forms part of my feature article:

Hating Jund And My Favorite Standard Deck

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I don’t like the equipment engine in this deck, because most of your guys are good enough without the equipment cards and unlike in Naya or Junk decks, they will win you the game if they survive.

Marshal’s Anthem serves as a fifth Baneslayer Angel against Jund, Harm's Way are here to help you out against Cunning Sparkmages. Another thought was to include 4 Qasali Pridemages to help battling the equipments; because very often Naya or White Weenie won’t win without them.


Alash wants to know:

"Hello Nico,

When don't you want to be on the play?

It may sound like a trivial question, but more often than not I see people go on the play without even considering the alternative, and for the ones that do actually use the choice to their advantage they seem to have very different decks/deck themes. What are the pros and cons here?

Thanks in advance


Hey there!

That’s a really good question!

In Constructed, it’s pretty rare to go second. There were actually some matchups we tested that were close to the same when going first/going second, for example my WG aggro deck above against Jund, thanks to Knight of the White Orchid and the extra card to help fight Blightning.

In Limited, I often go second if I have lots of removal spells (to deal with early pressure and outclass the lategame creatures), or if my manabase is shaky (mostly 3colored) and I really need the extra card. In Zendikar, it was a quite rare thing to go second, but in Alara, I usually took my chances with the extra card. Now with Worldwake, I tend to go second if I have a slower deck with Walking Atlas and my opponent is lacking the important two-drops.


SoupninjA wants to know:

"My question is twofold. First, what is it about Baneslayer Angel that makes it worth so much money? And second, Do you feel it's worth the amount of money people pay for it?. Ok, I lied, threefold. If Baneslayer Angel went for a more reasonable price would it warp the format?

Brad Jarman"


Hi Brad

Reasons why Baneslayer Angel is worth that much money:

  • It’s mythic, and it’s in a set which doesn’t belong to a block and therefore wasn’t drafted too often. This fact even boosts Baneslayer’s rarity.
  • It’s a card that casual players as well as tournament players like a lot. Casual players like it, because it’s pretty simple and cool, tournament players like her because she’s just powerful.
  • Baneslayer Angel is so powerful because she delivers a 10 point life swing with every hit. Also, she’s pretty hard to block, almost unkillable in combat (since most flyers that are bigger than 5/5 are dragons or demons), and often stops the two biggest guys of your opponent on defense (block one, and prevent the damage of the second with her lifelink ability), thanks to the synergy of first strike and lifelink.

To sum it up: Her stats are almost equal to those of Progenitus (10 life swing per hit, evasive), she only costs half as much, is mono-colored instead of 5-colored, she’s better on defense, but still able to race Progenitus on offense, if she gets the first hit in. And she’s not legendary. Fair enough, isn’t it?

So, yes, she’s worth her money, and yes, she has already warped Constructed (Standard, Extended and even Legacy), and she would show up at least in every third deck at your FNM if her price was less than what it is now.

Thanks for reading.


Ask the Pro And Deck Analysis

You can already submit all your questions for the next installment of Ask the Pro:

Announcing “Ask the Pro” and Introducing Nico Bohny


Ask the Pro Logo

I would like to announce the amazing new feature called "Ask the Pro", as well as introduce you to Pro Player Nico Bohny who is joining Blackborder.com as a feature writer!
I want to provide you with some details about him as well as explain to you the "Ask the Pro" feature.

Ask the Pro

As promised, Blackborder.com is continually adding more amazing features to the site. The latest feature is our upcoming “Ask the Pro” column, where Pro Player Nico Bohny will answer user submitted questions concerning Magic the Gathering, the Pro Players lifestyle, the Pro Tour, deckbuilding and anything else you want to ask him!

You can already send all your questions to Nico, using the contact form (use the "Ask the Pro" setting to reach him). Make sure to include your name and location.
(Note: This feature isn’t intended for rules-related questions. You dont have to limit yourself to one question a week. You can send in all the questions that come to your mind at anytime.)

Nico will then pick the most interesting questions and answer them each week in a feature article on Blackborder.com. He will also try to answer as many questions as possible individually, if he has the time to do so. In order for a question to have a good chance of being featured in the "Ask the Pro" column, you should write the question in correct English and give as many details as possible.

All the users whose questions are chosen by Nico and answered in his feature article will receive 250 Blackborder points!

Nico Bohny
Nico Bohny at Pro Tour Hollywood

About Nico Bohny

A level 4 member of the Pro Players Club, Nico is uniquely positioned to answer your questions about the life of the professional Magic Player, share stories about travelling the world and talk about the role Magic plays in his life. Nico has currently 74 lifetime Pro points! Some of Nico’s MTG accomplishments include:

  • Winning Grand Prix Torino
  • Top 8 at Pro Tour Hollywood
  • Winning the team World Championships

Apart from playing high-level tournaments, Nico judges various Magic tournaments. In addition Nico is the original designer of the BW token deck, which performed well in the current Standard format. He was also spotted winning matches with 20/20 avatar tokens (or as he says “Chuck Norris tokens”) from Dark Depths at last Nationals ;-).

Nico on Blackborder.com

“I am excited to write for Blackborder.com and I am looking forward to all your questions! I will try to answer as many questions as possible.
I also want to thank Blackborder.com for providing me with this opportunity!

I am looking forward to the amazing times ahead of us. Feel free to send me any questions, suggestions or ideas using the contact form.

Above all, have fun!

Nico Bohny
Feature Writer

Thank you Nico. Welcome to Blackborder.com, and we look forward to your contributions!

Keep your browser tuned to Blackborder.com, send your questions to Nico using the “Ask the Pro” contact form and invite your friends to join the rapidly growing interactive Magic the Gathering portal that Blackborder.com is!

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