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R/W Boat Brew vs. Red Deck Wins

Last time I discuss one of the heirs to the red deck's glory, blightning beatdown. Today I am going to talk about the Boat Brew vs. RDW. Boat Brew is a reveillark deck with red creatures and annoying triggers, but it gets the job done. Boat Brew knocks down and mops the floor with the RDW on most occasions, because it has access to so much advange both creature and card. First let me give you the lists my opponent.

R/W Boat Brew (Opponent)

x4 Mogg Fanatic

x4 Figure of Destiny

x4 Knight of the White Orchid

x3 Siege-Gang commander

x3 Reveillark

x3 Ranger of Eos

x4 Mind stone

x4 Spectral Possession

x4 Path to Exile

x4 Ajani Vengeant

x4 Battlefield Forge

x4 Windbrisk Heights

x4 Rugged prairie

x4 reflecting Pool

x3 Mountain

x4 Plains

Thats the list, standard boat brew list, I lost two really tight games to this deck due to misplay unfortunately, but I realized despite the obvious advantage of this deck over its mono-colored cousin the match up for the RDW is winnable, but its skill intensive as opposed to the Boat Brew which has a far easier time in the match up post board due to access to the bain of Red Burrenton Forge-Tender and new comer Celestial purge.

Now we will compare the decks, RDW has a smaller pool of good cards than the Boat Brew, (R/W 1, RDW 0),  Complete lockdown postboard of the RDW via hoser Celestial Purge and anti-burn Burrenton Forge-Tender (R/W 2, RDW 0), Customization is easier for the Brew, (R/W 3, RDW 0), RDW has more burn spells most of the time(R/W 3, RDW 1). Boat Brew has better options for sideboard (R/W 4, RDW 1)

Boat Brew is the superior deck due the fact like Blightning Beatdown has access to a second color and in this match up the best color to combat mono-red. Having access to white staples like wrath of god(sb), celestial purge(sb), reveillark, windbrisk heights, spectral procession, and path to exile make this deck a real contender.

RDW 2.0

x4 Mogg Fanatic

x4 Figure of Destiny

x4 Hellspark Elemental

x4 Hell's thunder

x4 Boggar Ram-gang

x4 Flame Javelin

x4 Incinerate

x4 Shock

x4 Lash Out

x20 Mountain

x4 Ghitu Encampment

(Sideboards for both decks are variable so not posted, but for the sake of the article RDW has x3 Everlasting Torment, x3 Banefire, x3 Wild Ricochet, x2 Vexing Shusher, x4 Volcanic Fallout and Boat Brew has x2 Wrath of God, x4 Burrington Forge tender, x3 Celestial Purge, x3 Banefire, x3 wispmare)

 Now the Match up

Game One- RDW wants to burn the Revillark deck to a crisp with haste creatures and burn spells because you are the more aggressive deck by far. But the RDW has to fear main deck burrington forge tenders and in some decks kitchen finks. If your playing main deck Volcanic fallout you can handle siege gang and company (save Revillark). The main Problems with the Game one match up is Ajani Vengeant and Spectral Procession they ruin the RDW everytime when you dont have a sweeper or an answer to the planeswalker.

-Boat Brew wants to get its creatures down an get some advantange on, be it through playing 2 lands in a turn with Knight+ PoE or Siege Gang(s) + Revillark. Basically if you want to win it  wont be to difficult as long as you dont die, you have great means to stall with token production, also theres ajani vengeant, and PoE to clean up demigod, or other big threats

Game Two- RDW wants the opponent not to play forge tenders, or kitchen finks- RDW has options like Stigma Lasher, and Everlasting Torment to alleviate these problems, same game plan just watch out for random wispmares

-Boat Brew- Bring in the hate with cards like Forgetender, Finks, and Celestial Purge with these cards dash any hope of RDW player with out cards like Stigma Lasher/Everlasting Torment, game plan is slightly modified, shut down the RDW which is simple with Ranger for 2 forge tenders and just stall it until you go off

Game Three- (If applies) Is the same as game 2

RDW is the burn deck, the aggressor of the match up its role is to deal as much damage as fast as possible

Boat Brew is a midrange deck, semi-aggressive, and therefore it has a much better later game

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