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Creating Topics and Decklists

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Creating Topics and Decklists

There seems to be some gray area/confusion between general posting rules and creating topics. I'll give a quick tutorial on how to create a topic and what should and shouldn't be in the topic.

Be aware that Blackborder is a store and these forums are a privilege to be hosted on the store site. As such we ask that you do not link to other stores or communities that sell cards. There are other communities that you can link to, but realize that some of them have their own rules regarding linking to/from store sites.

Also, if you yourself are host/admin to your own site please no advertising in posts. If you have a relevant link to a decklist or an article, feel free to post a link, but please avoid the "Hey check out my awesome site" posts. Talk to Blackborder if you have an further questions or concerns.

Creating a Topic and Using the Forum Tools.

This day and age most internet users understand the basics to creating a forum topic and using forum software interfaces. So I'll skip all the basics. PM me if you have any questions on the basics at Blackborder.

Right above the Save and Preview buttons at the bottom of the page there is a bullet list of BBCode commands that the forums use. For those that don't know, BBCode is the [command][/command] format as where HTML is the <command=> format. Blackborder uses mostly BBCode, but has buttons that function at the HTML level. [b] for bold will not work here, you have to use one of the buttons at the top of the textbox to enable bold writing HTML.

Highlighting and then using the buttons also works here and is an easy way of getting tags around card names and bolding the text you wish.

We also ask that you put card tags around any card you mention in posts. This helps new and unfamiliar players understand what you are talking about with out having to leave the thread to look up a card.  No one is going to know what you mean by Flaccify unless you put tags around it: Flaccify

Feel free to experiment with the tools given to you. Posts can always be edited and the Blackborder team can always help you out if you need it. Just ask!

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Thanks for the clarification Cpl!

I've been using these buttons you've just mentioned quite a bit, and was wondering if it was possible to give them some keyboard shortcuts? It feels kind of clunky using the mouse a lot while I'm trying to type an FNM report, using lots of card names and such.

Just a thought, let me know what you think. Cheers!

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