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Drafting With Nico - RoE #1


Level 4 pro player Nico Bohny takes us through a Rise of the Eldrazi 8-4 draft queue on Magic Online. He shares some comprehensive thoughts about both the picks and the games, and talks us through each step of the way! If you're looking to improve your Limited game, this is the article series for you!

EDH On the Rise


I'm Efrate, a mostly casual player who just recently started being more competitive, and have been playing since the end of Revised/Third Edition and beginning of Fourth Edition. And since no one else has as of yet written an EDH article on Blackborder, I thought I'd submit this, for anyone who wants to learn about this amazingly fun format!

Below Expectations


This week, I talk about my experience at the chicago National Qualifier, where I did not perform as I had hoped, but I also look forward to the Chicago PTQ next weekend and investigate some deck choices for then. There's even a new comment contest as well! Tune in!

Extended Rising


It has been several weeks since Rise of the Eldrazi has seen the light of day and many players have been waiting in anticipation to see what impact it will have on various formats. Today I’ll highlight the most promising cards for Extended and their possible applications!

Morphing Standard


With the Standard PTQ season in full swing and GP Washington approaching quickly, Level 6 Pro Yann Massicard takes a look at the Standard format and discusses some of the most promising decks out there to fight the established archetypes.

Sealed With The Pro


Level 4 pro player Nico Bohny brings you his sealed deck from GP Lyon. He shares some comprehensive thoughts about color selection, Rise of the Eldrazi sealed deck building and the games, and talks us through each step of the way!

The Story Behind Boros


Pro player Petr Brozek gives you an inspiring lesson on how to playtest correctly, prepare for a tournament, and how to adapt your deck to the expected metagame. He illustrates his brilliant insights with examples from his top 8 finish at GP Oakland, and explains why you should trust in your deck and yourself.

The Stack


Joel brings you the best casual format in the world, including all the basic and advanced rules. Looking to kill some time? Then "The Stack" is the perfect fun format for you.

Effects of the Eldrazi


This week we'll take a final look at the economics of increasingly expensive mythic rares being released more often, including Rise of the Eldrazi's ninety cent higher than Worldwake mythic mean, as well as a look at the RotE sealed pool I rolled at the prerelease, how I built it, and the effects of RotE's incredibly slow cards on Standard. So let's draw!

Introducing Petr Brozek


I would like to introduce you to pro player Petr Brozek, who is joining Blackborder.com as an official feature writer!


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Ask the Judge

Ask the Judge with Riccardo Tessitori

Level 5 judge Riccardo Tessitori will answer all your questions about rules problems, DCI policies, the life of a level 5 judge, interesting tournament situations and anything else you want to ask him!

So what are you waiting for? Ask the Judge now!


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