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Modern White Weenie

If you are on a budget, but still want to be competitive in Modern, then Patrick might just have the right deck for you. Check out his different builds of Modern White Weenie!

Urza's Big Project

Main Deck Size60Sideboard Size15
Main Deck Unique Cards21Sideboard Unique Cards7

This started out as a standard heartless summoning deck a while back which I have since revisited and turned modern.  Despite the name, Urzatron is not the main deck strategy, but merely a supportive strategy.  I named it Urza's Big Project because the anvils, maps, and big machinery along with all the Urzatron lands give a feeling of a huge project under construction.

CHildreth RDW

Main Deck Size60Sideboard Size0
Main Deck Unique Cards12Sideboard Unique Cards0

Standard RDW (Post Playtesting)

Main Deck Size60Sideboard Size15
Main Deck Unique Cards13Sideboard Unique Cards7

So... turns out Koth is awesome, Chandra just isn't good enough, and Gitaxian Probe is my techy card.  Most of the cards are self-explanatory, just good Red stuff.

I was worried about not having Staggershock after several people insisted I put them in.  Turns out that 3 mana is really important in the deck, and I already have Chandra's Pheonix and Ember Hauler. (Ember Hauler is ALMOST always a 3 drop, because then he's just an auto two for one that allows me to Bolt or Lavamancer at the end of their turn.)

Extended Merfolk

Main Deck Size60Sideboard Size0
Main Deck Unique Cards17Sideboard Unique Cards0

This is my take on Extended Merfolk for my recent Phormat Physics article.

Zendikar in Extended

Slight-RDW w/M10

Main Deck Size60Sideboard Size15
Main Deck Unique Cards11Sideboard Unique Cards4

hey everybody!! :) here I post what would be one of the most aggresive decks when M10 come in, I have just tested it at MWS and i've had awesome results!!

Naya Beat Down

Main Deck Size60Sideboard Size15
Main Deck Unique Cards25Sideboard Unique Cards8

This is a deck that I helped a friend make for Regionals. There's some one-offs in the deck and Manabase is not quite there yet. But we built this with all the cards that he own and I'm very happy with the way the deck came out and how it perform at the event. He ended up with a record of 5-2 out of 7 rounds, only a win off from the top 8. It uses the G/W beat down engine, but with the addition of Red, now we have access to Bloodbraid Elf which is two spells in one. Also the Banefire is in the deck to allow you to maybe steal a win or finish someone off.

B/R Beatdown Sideboarding


Another submission that I hope everyone enjoys. Hopefully you get to see this before regionals and it helps you.

Next week I talk about my UBR EDH deck, featuring Nicol Bolas as the general.

Leicester NQ report, 5/10/09


Last sunday on May 10th I took the Blightningless beatdown deck I posted (it's called "The Deck Formerly Known As Blightning Beatdown")

I went up to Leicester to try my hand at another shot to Q for UK nationals.

Round 1, I played against a weird Grixis control deck. he got mana screwed both games, so the only cards I saw were Fulminator Mage and Mulldrifter. I beat him easily with a 2-0

Record: 1-0

the deck formerly known as blightning beatdown

Main Deck Size61Sideboard Size15
Main Deck Unique Cards15Sideboard Unique Cards5

this is essentially josh silvestri's list from channel-fireball.com but i have made my own sideboard.

we can't really call it blightning beatdown because the blightning's have been cut, as they are fairly subpar


i will be taking this to a regionals on may 10th, and i plan to have a report up about it in the week after

This deck features in the following videos:

B/R Beatdown


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