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Main Deck Size60Sideboard Size15
Main Deck Unique Cards16Sideboard Unique Cards6

M.G.D or Mono Green Devotion is probably one of my favorite decks in the current standard format. Though this type of deck haven't really topped any recent tournaments, these types of decks have been dominating Friday Nights Magic all over. My version is running a very large amount of two drops; some to be more aggressive (i.e.

Mono Black Infect Type II

Main Deck Size60Sideboard Size15
Main Deck Unique Cards17Sideboard Unique Cards8

Now this is essentially the same list as most people keep posting around the interwebs. The main I would say comes to a few cards both main deck and side board. I'm looking to experiment with a new cards I finally took a look again since I first drafted New Phyrexia, with that card being Apostle's Blessing.

White Weenie Equipment (extended)

Main Deck Size60Sideboard Size0
Main Deck Unique Cards19Sideboard Unique Cards0

Well unfortunately for most of us, Stoneforge Mystic was banned in standard, which ruined my idea of bringing out somewhat rogue build of White Weenie. This deck right now is just on paper, it has had no testing whatsoever, the main force behind this is obviously Stoneforge's ability to dig up whatever artifact you will need and then use Kor Outfitter and Puresteel Paladin to equip those handy artifacts to your creatures.

Legacy Stax

Hey everybody, so I'm fairly new to legacy, and I made (copied off the web then slightly edited) a version of stax that I proxied and play with casually, however I am very interested in making this competitive and would like some... "updates"; most of the cards here are outdated and i would like to know if there are modern additions to this deck.

to test this out: http://playtest.tappedout.net/modern-stax/


Mono Blue Sphinxes

Main Deck Size60Sideboard Size10
Main Deck Unique Cards15Sideboard Unique Cards3

It started with a conundrum sphinx and Jwar Isle combo and maybe i got carried away after that but i like it so far

[Discussion/Developement] Mono-Black Beatdown

So this is something I've been messing with recently. Its very simple, pretty cheap for the most part. Demon of Death's Gate has made me want to play black since Its come out. But never really could find a way to properly play it in a deck and it even be mildly effective without getting smacked in the face. With the release of Beseiged I've been blessed to have some new additions that make the deck I've managed to pull together, a little bit easier to play. Much of what I'm playing is trying to keep the deck low costed as possible, in order to never really get stuck tapped out.

The Handptier

Main Deck Size60Sideboard Size15
Main Deck Unique Cards18Sideboard Unique Cards9

Pretty much forces you into topdeck mode. Still in an experimental state. Comments are welcomed!


Main Deck Size60Sideboard Size0
Main Deck Unique Cards14Sideboard Unique Cards0

This deck is centered around abyssal persercutor. Using go for the throat, hellcarver, demon of deaths gate, bloodthrone vampire or brittle effigy to remvoe abyssal persecutor when the time comes. I have 6 cheap 1 manna cost artifacts to play phylactery lich and some discard cards, Duress and Inquisition to get rid of any unwanted sorceries or instants.

Vamps Evolv'd

Main Deck Size60Sideboard Size0
Main Deck Unique Cards20Sideboard Unique Cards0

Fun deck I play with friends during our casual matches. Let me know what you think :)

* Edit: If your gonna rate, please let me know why your rating it :P *

Discussion: Mono Black Livewire Poison

This thread is for the discussion of Mono-Black Livewire poison.  I have not built the deck but have faced it.  Here is the list as best I can remember.

Mono Black Livewire Poison


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