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Green Devotion

Main Deck Size60Sideboard Size15
Main Deck Unique Cards16Sideboard Unique Cards7

The same version of my last deck with a few small changes. First is the addition of 2xCourser of Kruphix; the life gain is quite needed is this deck because if you don't start getting things going soon, you usually lose a ton of life. The only other is 1xGarruk, Caller of Beasts; this card is so good, but for consistency sake, I can only run one.

MonoGreen Devotion

Main Deck Size60Sideboard Size15
Main Deck Unique Cards14Sideboard Unique Cards7

Here is the current MonoGreen Devotion deck I am playing at my local FNM. This deck is brutally fast and is very consistent. I have found that having 3x Nylea, God of the Hunt and 3x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx keep them very consistent, but not to much to where I have two or three in my hand at a time. This deck is also curves extremely well; its only problem is drawing land.

Syphilis! v 2.0

Main Deck Size60Sideboard Size15
Main Deck Unique Cards14Sideboard Unique Cards8

Throwing this together for FNM, its fun to play and has a full transformational sideboard.  Needs Sulfur Falls, and I will likely buy/borrow them by Friday. 

FNM Spotlight: Draw Go


Now that Worlds is over, we can begin to see where Friday Night Magic metas will shift.  Jun'ya Iyanaga won Worlds with his traditional RG Wolf Run deck.  Second place went to Richard Bland running a GW Tokens build.  Third and fourth place went to Conley Woods running Tempered Steel and David Caplan running a somewhat unique build of RDW.  What do these results tell you?

R/G Beastmaster Furnace

Main Deck Size60Sideboard Size0
Main Deck Unique Cards17Sideboard Unique Cards0

FNM Report deck.

FNM Report : 2 Heads Are Better Than 1?


Sup everyone!

Ok another FNM report. Yes, yes I know boring. However this FNM was actually pretty unique and different.

Walls & Tokens

Main Deck Size60Sideboard Size15
Main Deck Unique Cards18Sideboard Unique Cards5

Deck designed and built to see how many walls I could get into a deck and still be successful at my local FNM.  The answer is 16.

Win condition involves either a Wolfbriar Elemental kicked multiple times, and/or a big White Sun's Zenith with Beastmaster Ascension going active on the 1st attack.  Steel Hellkite is a scary flier to be dealt with and can also keep their board relatively clear.  No kidding when you think that a Day of Judgement wrecks this deck...I seen it!!  Overall though it's able to keep the opponent laughing until the big swing.

FNM Report: Eldrazi On the Fly


Well no EDH article this week, but I've managed to make it to FNM this week and guess what? I got results!



So yea, Finally got to get to my first FNM constructed torney since I've been in college up here, and have to say, Im pretty damn proud.

First torney , 3-1 , with Mono-Green baby lol, put out G/B Token discard, G/W Aggro pretty much, another and got my only loses against esper colors.

So yea Eldrazi Spawn Overrun took  2nd place and gave me 6 boosters, and a promo card.

I didn't really mean to post this like a brag, or boast, but more to be like, How was everyone's first torney. Were you very successful  or was it a bigger learning experience or what.

FNM Needs Guidebook


Every Friday around the world thousands of players huddle inside their favorite gaming shop to play some good o' magic. Some players come to win some come to have fun. I have played MTG across the U.S. and over the last few years I have learned FNM could use some restructuring.


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