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Riccardo Tessitori

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Feature Writer
Fact Or Fiction (Invasion)Flametongue Kavu (Planeshift)Remand (Ravnica)Repulse (Invasion)

Personal Info

Riccardo Tessitori
Latina, Italy


DCI Number
Casual and Variants
Favorite Deck Types
The decks I played the most at tournaments were:, - Mirari/Wake in Standard, - Astral Slide in Onslaught Block Constructed, Favourite casual format: Free for All with Planechase cards :)



About Riccardo Tessitori

Riccardo Tessitori is a level 3 (former level 5) judge from Italy (and also former Pro Player ^__^); he judged more than a hundred professional events, headjudged more than 40 Grand Prix events in Europe, United States, Asia and Latin America and has been headjudging Pro Tours and World Championships since 2009:

  • Pro Tour Kyoto 2009
  • Pro Tour Austin 2009
  • Worlds Chiba 2010
  • Pro Tour Philadelphia 2011
  • Pro Tour Barcelona 2012
  • World Magic Cup Indianapolis 2012
  • Pro Tour Dublin 2013
  • Pro Tour Valencia 2014
  • Pro Tour Brussels 2015
  • Pro Tour Madrid 2016


Member for
9 years 2 months
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