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Casual and Variants
Favorite Deck Types
Land Destruction, Burn, Control, Reanimation, Unorthodox Combo, Pestilence


Orcish Librarian (Ice Age)



I am a jazz pianist, currently teaching music at a private high school in the Eastern Townships.

I started playing magic almost 16 years ago, beginning during the Odyssey Block, which continues to be among my favorite sets. I am a casual player, but with always a strong desire to improve my decks.

Among our group, I am the one who always brings fresh, original decks into the meta. I like finding fun combos, tricks and strange rules interactions and applying them in decks. It's my way of keeping the game vibrant and interesting. My favorite way to make interesting decks is by making certain colours do what they are not meant to do, such as red stealing creatures, blue destroying lands or green control.


Member for
9 years 9 months
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