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Richard Bland

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Feature Writer
Pro Team Member
Compulsive Research (Ravnica)Qasali Pridemage (Alara Reborn)Remand (Ravnica)Wild Nacatl (Shards of Alara)

Personal Info

Richard Bland
United Kingdom


DCI Number
Sealed Deck
Favorite Deck Types
Big fan of combo decks, though I'm happy playing aggro or control. Favourite deck archetypes include TEPS, Angelfire (uwr time spiral/rav standard), Zoo, Naya Shamans.



Richard is an English pro player. He started playing Magic on a foreign exchange trip to Germany in the dark days of Darksteel, and was running sick homebrew Shared Fate decks at FNM while everyone else was playing affinity mirrors. While he has learned better since then, he still retains a soft spot for combo decks of all hues. A perennial PTQ player, Richard has had a successful year, placing 3rd in the biggest Magic tournament ever at GP: Madrid, and at Great British Nationals narrowly losing the 75-card mirror final 3-0.

• Level 5 Pro Player

• 62 lifetime pro points

• 3rd GP Barcelona 2011

• 3rd GP Madrid 2010

• 2nd Great Britain Nationals 2010

• 43rd PT Berlin 2008

• 8th Team Worlds 2010


Member for
5 years 6 months
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