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Jesse Dana

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Feature Writer
Blightning (Shards of Alara)Dark Ritual (Revised)Lightning Bolt (Revised)Vampire Nighthawk (Zendikar)

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Jesse Dana
Massachusetts, USA


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Sealed Deck
Favorite Deck Types
Mono Black Control, The Epic Storm, Midrange, Grixis Control, BUG, My Own Crazy Brews



I live in Massachusetts just outside of Boston. I am obsessed with food and will travel anywhere in the country/ world to go to just one restaurant, provided I have the income to do so. I am also a huge sports fan. At a young age I had the chance to play against Rob Dougherty Darwin Castle and Shawn "The Hammer" Regnier. My goal is to one day do live coverage of tournaments like Brian David Marshal. Since my return to the game I have become fascinated about every aspect of it from strategy to the Pro Tour to even the lore of the game. I started playing Magic during Revised and Played regularly until Tempest. I then played off and on until Alara block and now play regularly. I try to play as much as possible, or as much as I can without having my girlfriend break up with me. (She is however supportive of the hobby) It would be great to qualify for a Pro Tour one day, but that is wishful thinking. Although I do take each sanctioned match seriously, I never drop from a tournament no matter how it will effect my record. I would love to travel to other countries and play.


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7 years 7 months
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