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Adrian Posoiu

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Feature Writer
Eternal Witness (Fifth Dawn)Ponder (Magic 2010 Core Set)Sakura-tribe Elder (Champions of Kamigawa)Thirst For Knowledge (Mirrodin)

Personal Info

Mircea Adrian Posoiu
Bucharest, Romania


DCI Number
Block Constructed
Favorite Deck Types
I like switching around between strategies from time to time. After a heated season where I rely on a flurry of burn to end the game in a hurry, I might switch to a grinding control deck just to get a breath of fresh air. I favor white-based aggro, as I've had the most success with the strategy, but I'm known to have played creatureless combo decks at various points in my career as well.



I've started playing Magic since I was 18 years old, around the time when Mirrodin reared its head in Standard. The jump to semi-competitive play came shortly thereafter, as I started grinding local events on a regular basis. I attended my first Grand Prix in Athens 2006 and made my Pro Tour debut in Nagoya 2011. Recently, I won the Romanian Nationals and am currently set on participating at the World Championship. For those interested in what goes on outside my realm of Magic influence: I'm currently studying for a Master’s degree in Astrophysics, as I find it one of the most interesting and rewarding branches of science at the moment.


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7 years 1 month
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