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Bernhard Zander

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Feature Writer
Brainstorm (Mercadian Masques)Cloudgoat Ranger (Lorwyn)Remand (Ravnica)Sakura-tribe Elder (Champions of Kamigawa)

Personal Info

Bernhard Zander
Stockholm, Sweden


Sealed Deck
Favorite Deck Types
Proactive decks. It can be either aggro, combo or even control decks. Some of my favorites includes Tron, Mind's Desire, Enduring Ideal, Scapeshift, Demigod Red, Windbrisk Heights... and many more



Bernhard Zander is a PTQ level Magic player from Sweden that has been playing Magic since 2006. In addition to playing he blogs about Magic on his blog "The Exploration". When he is not playing Magic he is a master student in computer science and mathematics at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Magic achievements: *2nd @ Swedish Nationals 2010 *127th @ Worlds 2010 *71th @ GP Paris 2011 * Lifetime Pro Points: 12


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5 years 1 week
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